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FIS S.r.l. was set up in the late seventies in Mura, in the province of Brescia, originally a small family-run business that polished and finished metal items by hand. Two years later, thanks to a constant focus on market developments, shrewd investments in resources and ongoing efforts to keep up with the times, the company acquired its first automatic metal-polishing machine, thereby increasing its production capacity and providing a competitive edge.

During the nineteen eighties, the polishing and finishing department underwent  a series of improvements:  other machinery was invested in, other new types of materials were treated, the company acquired a modern system for washing parts using solvents, and three-shift production was implemented, the intention being to provide a prompt and rapid all-round service.

In the early nineties, the traditional family-run business gave way to a better organised, more functional format. And, as the result of customer demand and the anticipation of market requirements, FIS started manufacturing accessories, components parts and aesthetic items, which allowed the company to offer finished products ready for use. With the help of subcontractors, the company started producing grips, washers, handles, supports, knobs and the like – items made by machining pipes, followed by die-casting and turning, finishing-off in the lapping,  polishing and satin finishing departments, and dispatch to the customer galvanised and assembled.

Both sectors have developed considerably over the past decade, and the company now specialises in parts with an important aesthetic component that go into such products as taps and fittings, electric household appliances, sanitary fixtures, shower stalls and accessories, household goods and motor vehicles, using various raw materials including zinc alloys, aluminium alloys, brass, stainless steel and iron.

Today FIS operates out of a 6000 sq.m. production unit (2500 sq.m. indoors) located in Sabbio Chiese, near Brescia, with a workforce of around forty and three partners who are directly involved in organising and carrying out the day-to-day running of the business.


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